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            MACO STATION  has seen many changes throughout the years.  The only original member still standing, is Jim Shields.  However the light of the  "Maco Station Band" has shown on, through personnel, style, and musical changes, to help them become one of the most active and versatile bands in the area. They rarely have a weekend off and are constantly evolving the music and themselves to please every audience. The sound has progressed from country rock to Classic Rock/Blues/Dance and currently reflects just about anything you want to hear. They have accomplished this through the wealth of talent and experience that has flowed through the band over the years.

           JIM SHIELDS, otherwise known as “Big Daddy”, lead guitar player and original member, identifying Maco’s sound with his scorching hot guitar licks. Hailing from Clinton, NC, Jim toured with bands up and down the East Coast in the 70's and 80's, settling down in Wilmington in '88 with his lovely wife, Sandra. He is well-known by the public and musicians alike through his salesmanship and repair of guitars in local music stores. Today you can find him behind the counter at Rob's Music Loft on College Road. His dedication to Maco Station and music in general is unbounded, and he has led the band through all of its changes and triumphs over the years!

               KAREN HEATH, our lead singer, came to us from Boston, Mass., where she and her sister Amy sang backup with "The Breeze", a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band, before moving to Wilmington in '96. Karen performed karaoke to rave audiences in many local clubs before joining Maco in Jan. 2000. At the time, the band had lost its lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Mitch Batchelor, in a career move to Charlotte. The search for a lead singer was on, and when Karen came to the audition, we knew it would be a radical move for the band. We tried out some Janis Joplin and Pat Benatar, and a new Maco sound was born.  Karen’s husband Mike also doubles as Maco's equipment manager and advisor.   Thanks Mike!

            Robbie Spivey, our drummer has lived in Wilmington only 44 years.  He is a 1 1/2 year newlywed with his wife Sonya and has a 14 year old daughter Brittany.  He played over 3 years with "Jam Sandwich" and before that, "Mott Creek".  He thanks Wayne and Sue Porter  for getting him into music, Ralph Justice of "Ten Feet Thick" for the free drum lessons and especially Karen for inviting him to her husbands Birthday party and conning him to playing drums with Maco Station!  (Karen thanks him too for coming to the party and playing drums with the band!)

         Bill Bob Stratton, is out of retirement once again but this time he is playing rhythm guitar.  Billy is the original bass player for Maco and has been with the band many years.  He had to take some time off but now he's back! He is also helping Karen with the vocals, adding his country "redneck" sound!  Billy is also a very talented song writer!  We're just glad to have him back with us again!

Bill Ferencak is our bass player once again!  Bill has been part of the MSB family since 2001, when he was a permanent member for a year, until "Too Far Away" took him from us. He is no longer playing with them, and is know part of the line up for Maco.  Bill has played with several bands throughout the years. The list is too long but to name one, he played bass for Radio Flyer back when they had a full band!  We love having Bill with us again, back where he belongs too!

                  MACO STATION has accomplished a lot over the past 9 years, from the release of their first CD, "Well, There You Go" in '98, to a television appearance as part of "Beat Week '99", and their "Best Cover Band" award in 2000 and "Chili Cook-Off” appearance in 2001 and most recently, playing on the Main Stage at the 2003 Azalea Festival! Now, we are back to being a 5 piece band again, our sound is fuller and better than ever!  We'd like to think that "the best is yet to come”.  The most important thing, above all else, is our loyalty to our fans. See you in the clubs. Rock On!