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Our Biggest Fans

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Sandra & Mike.jpg (102422 bytes)


The Spouses - Mike & Kim and Sandra & Mike


Me & My Parents.jpg (77565 bytes)

Karen & her parents - Wait they're too young to be her parents, who are they?


Mom & Bobby.jpg (234557 bytes)

In loving memory of Mike's mother, Linda Bohn!


Big Bill.jpg (207289 bytes)debbie.jpg (239449 bytes)

                          Big Bill                                                              Debbie


Bill, Kim & Lori.jpg (202983 bytes)

Drunken Mike.jpg (71389 bytes)

          Lori, Kim & Bill                                                        Mike & Big Daddy's Back

Hylah & Vicki.jpg (223846 bytes)

Hylah & Vicki!!!!!!! (We miss you Vicki since you moved back to West Virginia!)


Tommy & Elizabeth.jpg (185256 bytes)

Tommy & Elizabeth


Karen, audrey and man.jpg (241439 bytes)

Karen & Old Friends From Loretta's - We miss you Audrey!


audrey & man on dance floor.jpg (257975 bytes)

The Happy Couple!


newlywed couple.jpg (271969 bytes)

Toni, Vanessa & Mark (Probably requesting David Allan Coe again!)


Patty & Bob.jpg (275606 bytes)

Bobby & Patty


Tommy & Mike.jpg (148255 bytes)

Tommy & Mike


Sue & Dawna.jpg (221493 bytes)

Sue & Dawna all the way from Boston, Mass!!!!


fav fans.jpg (60767 bytes)

Craig & Katie (on their anniversary), Mike, Vicki & Big Bill

Craig, Katie, Big Bill & Mike.jpg (74161 bytes)

Same night, many drinks later

dancer's @ MSI.jpg (64583 bytes)

Saturday night at Middle Sound Inn

Teresa & Brian.jpg (67063 bytes)

Old friends of MSB

Favorite Fans.jpg (27578 bytes)

Our extended family!!!!

Beth drummin'.jpg (34586 bytes)

She's not a fan, she's Ms. Beth, a former Maco member behind those drums!

more dancin.jpg (31849 bytes)

A typical Summer night at Loretta's on the beach!

fans.jpg (35326 bytes)
Deb, Big Bill and ????

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